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English: Graph of Nrf2 publications (pubmed search) by year (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are currently over 2300 articles (peer reviewed clinical reviews and studies) on Pubmed.gov on the topic of NRF2 Activation. There are a ton of companies claiming they have scientific studies showing that their products are NRF2 Activators. Go to Pubmed.gov and type in the name of their product. Pubmed is a website operated by the National Institute of Health (NIH).  PubMed comprises over 21 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books. PubMed citations and abstracts include the fields of biomedicine and health, covering portions of the life sciences, behavioral sciences, chemical sciences, and bioengineering. PubMed also provides access to additional relevant web sites and links to the other NCBI molecular biology resources. Last 200 NRF-2 Studies published on Pubmed
Jiang M, Jin J, Ye X, Wang J, Shen H, Zhen J, Zhou Y, Hiroyuki C and Uberla K. Construction of Lycetin Nanocarriers and Its Effect on the Proliferation and Apoptosis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cells by Regulating Nuclear Factor E2 Related Factor/Antioxidant Response Element Pathway. (2021) J Nanosci Nanotechnol. 21, 1054-1060 Pubmed J Nanosci Nanotechnol
Lou JS, Zhao LP, Huang ZH, Chen XY, Xu JT, Tai WC, Tsim KWK, Chen YT and Xie T. Ginkgetin derived from Ginkgo biloba leaves enhances the therapeutic effect of cisplatin via ferroptosis-mediated disruption of the Nrf2/HO-1 axis in EGFR wild-type non-small-cell lung cancer. (2021) Phytomedicine. 80, 153370 Pubmed Phytomedicine
Paithankar JG, Saini S, Dwivedi S, Sharma A and Chowdhuri DK. Heavy metal associated health hazards: An interplay of oxidative stress and signal transduction. (2021) Chemosphere. 262, 128350 Pubmed Chemosphere
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Ribeiro Reily Rocha C, Reily Rocha A, Molina Silva M, Rodrigues Gomes L, Teatin Latancia M, Andrade Tomaz M, de Souza I, Karolynne Seregni Monteiro L and Frederico Martins Menck C. Revealing Temozolomide Resistance Mechanisms via Genome-Wide CRISPR Libraries. (2020) Cells. 9, Pubmed Cells
Payandeh Z, Pirpour Tazehkand A, Barati G, Pouremamali F, Kahroba H, Baradaran B and Samadi N. Role of Nrf2 and mitochondria in cancer stem cells; in carcinogenesis, tumor progression, and chemoresistance. (2020) Biochimie. 179, 32-45 Pubmed Biochimie
Zhang F, Liu Z, He X, Li Z, Shi B and Cai F. β-Sitosterol-loaded solid lipid nanoparticles ameliorate complete Freund's adjuvant-induced arthritis in rats: involvement of NF-кB and HO-1/Nrf-2 pathway. (2020) Drug Deliv. 27, 1329-1341 Pubmed Drug Deliv PMC Article
Acito M, Bartolini D, Ceccarini MR, Russo C, Vannini S, Dominici L, Codini M, Villarini M, Galli F, Beccari T and Moretti M. Imbalance in the antioxidant defence system and pro-genotoxic status induced by high glucose concentrations: In vitro testing in human liver cells. (2020) Toxicol In Vitro. 69, 105001 Pubmed Toxicol In Vitro
Scheifele C, Zhu Q, Ignatov A, Kalinski T and Nass N. Glyoxalase 1 expression analysis by immunohistochemistry in breast cancer. (2020) Pathol Res Pract. 216, 153257 Pubmed Pathol Res Pract
Albazal A, Delshad AA and Roghani M. Melatonin reverses cognitive deficits in streptozotocin-induced type 1 diabetes in the rat through attenuation of oxidative stress and inflammation. (2020) J Chem Neuroanat. 101902 Pubmed J Chem Neuroanat
Zhao D, Xue C, Li J, Feng K, Zeng P, Chen Y, Duan Y, Zhang S, Li X, Han J and Yang X. Adiponectin agonist ADP355 ameliorates doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity by decreasing cardiomyocyte apoptosis and oxidative stress. (2020) Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 533, 304-312 Pubmed Biochem Biophys Res Commun
Jiang Y, Zhang K, Yu Y, Wang Y, Lian N, Xie K and Yu Y. Molecular hydrogen alleviates brain injury and cognitive impairment in a chronic sequelae model of murine polymicrobial sepsis. (2020) Exp Brain Res. 238, 2897-2908 Pubmed Exp Brain Res
Guo H, Wang Y and Liu D. Silibinin ameliorats HO-induced cell apoptosis and oxidative stress response by activating Nrf2 signaling in trophoblast cells. (2020) Acta Histochem. 122, 151620 Pubmed Acta Histochem
Wu WL and Papagiannakopoulos T. The Center Cannot Hold: NRF2 Battles Ferroptosis in the 3rd Dimension. (2020) Mol Cell. 80, 760-761 Pubmed Mol Cell
Song CH, Kim N, Hee Nam R, In Choi S, Hee Son J, Eun Yu J, Shin E, Lee HN, Kim DH and Surh YJ. 17β-Estradiol strongly inhibits azoxymethane/dextran sulfate sodium-induced colorectal cancer development in Nrf2 knockout male mice. (2020) Biochem Pharmacol. 182, 114279 Pubmed Biochem Pharmacol
Ryu D, Lee JH and Kwak MK. NRF2 level is negatively correlated with TGF-β1-induced lung cancer motility and migration via NOX4-ROS signaling. (2020) Arch Pharm Res. 43, 1297-1310 Pubmed Arch Pharm Res
Barakat LAA, Barakat N, Zakaria MM and Khirallah SM. Protective role of zinc oxide nanoparticles in kidney injury induced by cisplatin in rats. (2020) Life Sci. 262, 118503 Pubmed Life Sci
Takahashi N, Cho P, Selfors LM, Kuiken HJ, Kaul R, Fujiwara T, Harris IS, Zhang T, Gygi SP and Brugge JS. 3D Culture Models with CRISPR Screens Reveal Hyperactive NRF2 as a Prerequisite for Spheroid Formation via Regulation of Proliferation and Ferroptosis. (2020) Mol Cell. 80, 828-844.e6 Pubmed Mol Cell
Yardim A, Kandemir FM, Ozdemir S, Kucukler S, Comakli S, Gur C and Celik H. Quercetin provides protection against the peripheral nerve damage caused by vincristine in rats by suppressing caspase 3, NF-κB, ATF-6 pathways and activating Nrf2, Akt pathways. (2020) Neurotoxicology. 81, 137-146 Pubmed Neurotoxicology
Zhang S, Niu Y, Yang Z, Zhang Y, Guo Q, Yang Y, Zhou X, Ding Y and Liu C. Biochanin A alleviates gingival inflammation and alveolar bone loss in rats with experimental periodontitis. (2020) Exp Ther Med. 20, 251 Pubmed Exp Ther Med PMC Article
Liu RM, Xu P, Chen Q, Feng SL and Xie Y. A multiple-targets alkaloid nuciferine overcomes paclitaxel-induced drug resistance in vitro and in vivo. (2020) Phytomedicine. 79, 153342 Pubmed Phytomedicine
Singh B, Patwardhan RS, Jayakumar S, Sharma D and Sandur SK. Oxidative stress associated metabolic adaptations regulate radioresistance in human lung cancer cells. (2020) J Photochem Photobiol B. 213, 112080 Pubmed J Photochem Photobiol B
Wang W, Zhang S, Yang F, Xie J, Chen J and Li Z. Diosmetin alleviates acute kidney injury by promoting the TUG1/Nrf2/HO-1 pathway in sepsis rats. (2020) Int Immunopharmacol. 88, 106965 Pubmed Int Immunopharmacol
Logie E and Vanden Berghe W. Tackling Chronic Inflammation with Withanolide Phytochemicals-A Withaferin a Perspective. (2020) Antioxidants (Basel). 9, Pubmed Antioxidants (Basel) PMC Article
De Cicco P, Maisto M, Tenore GC and Ianaro A. Olive Leaf Extract, from L., Reduces Palmitate-Induced Inflammation via Regulation of Murine Macrophages Polarization. (2020) Nutrients. 12, Pubmed Nutrients
Hahm ER, Kim SH, Singh KB and Singh SV. RNA-seq reveals novel cancer-selective and disease subtype-independent mechanistic targets of withaferin A in human breast cancer cells. (2020) Mol Carcinog. Pubmed Mol Carcinog
Friedmann Angeli JP and Meierjohann S. NRF2 dependent stress defence in tumor antioxidant control and immune evasion. (2020) Pigment Cell Melanoma Res. Pubmed Pigment Cell Melanoma Res
Kaji H, Matsui-Yuasa I, Matsumoto K, Omura A, Kiyomoto K and Kojima-Yuasa A. Sesaminol prevents Parkinson's disease by activating the Nrf2-ARE signaling pathway. (2020) Heliyon. 6, e05342 Pubmed Heliyon PMC Article
Ali A, Shah SA, Zaman N, Uddin MN, Khan W, Ali A, Riaz M and Kamil A. Vitamin D exerts neuroprotection via SIRT1/nrf-2/ NF-kB signaling pathways against D-galactose-induced memory impairment in adult mice. (2020) Neurochem Int. 142, 104893 Pubmed Neurochem Int
Jiang T, Zhou J, Liu W, Tao W, He J, Jin W, Guo H, Yang N and Li Y. The anti-inflammatory potential of protein-bound anthocyanin compounds from purple sweet potato in LPS-induced RAW264.7 macrophages. (2020) Food Res Int. 137, 109647 Pubmed Food Res Int
Clerici S and Boletta A. Role of the KEAP1-NRF2 Axis in Renal Cell Carcinoma. (2020) Cancers (Basel). 12, Pubmed Cancers (Basel) PMC Article
Liang J, Liu L, Kang X, Hu F and Mao L. Mechanism underlying the effect of SO2-induced oxidation on human skin keratinocytes. (2020) Medicine (Baltimore). 99, e23152 Pubmed Medicine (Baltimore)
Kim MW, Kang JH, Jung HJ, Park SY, Phan THL, Namgung H, Seo SY, Yoon YS and Oh SH. Allyl Isothiocyanate Protects Acetaminophen-Induced Liver Injury via NRF2 Activation by Decreasing Spontaneous Degradation in Hepatocyte. (2020) Nutrients. 12, Pubmed Nutrients PMC Article
Saha S, Buttari B, Panieri E, Profumo E and Saso L. An Overview of Nrf2 Signaling Pathway and Its Role in Inflammation. (2020) Molecules. 25, Pubmed Molecules PMC Article
Wang X, Saud SM, Zhang X, Li W and Hua B. Corrigendum to: "Protective effect of Shaoyao decoction against colorectal cancer via the Keap1-Nrf2-ARE signaling pathway", [J. Ethnopharmacol. 241 (2019) 111981]. (2020) J Ethnopharmacol. 113532 Pubmed J Ethnopharmacol
Abdelzaher WY, Ahmed SM, Welson NN, Marraiki N, Batiha GE and Kamel MY. Vinpocetine ameliorates L-arginine induced acute pancreatitis via Sirt1/Nrf2/TNF pathway and inhibition of oxidative stress, inflammation, and apoptosis. (2020) Biomed Pharmacother. 133, 110976 Pubmed Biomed Pharmacother
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Wu YX, Zeng S, Wan BB, Wang YY, Sun HX, Liu G, Gao ZQ, Chen D, Chen YQ, Lu MD and Pang QF. Sophoricoside attenuates lipopolysaccharide-induced acute lung injury by activating the AMPK/Nrf2 signaling axis. (2020) Int Immunopharmacol. 107187 Pubmed Int Immunopharmacol
Larrick J, Larrick JW and Mendelsohn AR. SUMO wrestles with mitophagy to extend lifespan. (2020) Rejuvenation Res. Pubmed Rejuvenation Res
Ma Y, Pan C, Tang X, Zhang M, Shi H, Wang T and Zhang Y. MicroRNA-200a represses myocardial infarction-related cell death and inflammation by targeting the Keap1/Nrf2 and β-catenin pathways. (2020) Hellenic J Cardiol. Pubmed Hellenic J Cardiol
Azouz AA, Abdel-Nassir Abdel-Razek E and Abo-Youssef AM. Amlodipine alleviates cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity in rats through gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT) enzyme inhibition, associated with regulation of Nrf2/HO-1, MAPK/NF-κB, and Bax/Bcl-2 signaling. (2020) Saudi Pharm J. 28, 1317-1325 Pubmed Saudi Pharm J PMC Article
Qureshi MA, Khan S, Tauheed MS, Syed SA, Ujjan ID, Lail A and Sharafat S. Pan-Cancer Multiomics Analysis of TC2N Gene Suggests its Important Role(s) in Tumourigenesis of Many Cancers. (2020) Asian Pac J Cancer Prev. 21, 3199-3209 Pubmed Asian Pac J Cancer Prev
Yardım A, Kandemir FM, Çomaklı S, Özdemir S, Caglayan C, Kucukler S and Çelik H. Protective Effects of Curcumin Against Paclitaxel-Induced Spinal Cord and Sciatic Nerve Injuries in Rats. (2020) Neurochem Res. Pubmed Neurochem Res
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Meng XW, He CX, Chen X, Yang XS and Liu C. The extract of Gnaphalium affine D. Don protects against HO-induced apoptosis by targeting PI3K/AKT/GSK-3β signaling pathway in cardiomyocytes. (2020) J Ethnopharmacol. 113579 Pubmed J Ethnopharmacol
Yang Y, Zheng J, Wang M, Zhang J, Tian T, Wang Z, Yuan S, Liu L, Zhu P, Gu F, Fu S, Shan Y, Pan Z and Zhou W. NQO1 promotes an aggressive phenotype in hepatocellular carcinoma via amplifying ERK-NRF2 signaling. (2020) Cancer Sci. Pubmed Cancer Sci
Kong Q, Deng H, Li C, Wang X, Shimoda Y, Tao S, Kato K, Zhang J, Yamanaka K and An Y. Sustained high expression of NRF2 and its target genes induces dysregulation of cellular proliferation and apoptosis is associated with arsenite-induced malignant transformation of human bronchial epithelial cells. (2020) Sci Total Environ. 143840 Pubmed Sci Total Environ
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Zhang J, Wang J, Fang H, Yu H, Zhao Y, Shen J, Zhou C and Jin Y. Pterostilbene inhibits deoxynivalenol-induced oxidative stress and inflammatory response in bovine mammary epithelial cells. (2020) Toxicon. 189, 10-18 Pubmed Toxicon
Hu Z, Wang X, Li D, Cao L, Cui H and Xu G. UFBP1, a key component in ufmylation, enhances drug sensitivity by promoting proteasomal degradation of oxidative stress-response transcription factor Nrf2. (2020) Oncogene. Pubmed Oncogene
Merk R, Heßelbach K, Osipova A, Popadić D, Schmidt-Heck W, Kim GJ, Günther S, Piñeres AG, Merfort I and Humar M. Particulate Matter (PM) from Biomass Combustion Induces an Anti-Oxidative Response and Cancer Drug Resistance in Human Bronchial Epithelial BEAS-2B Cells. (2020) Int J Environ Res Public Health. 17, Pubmed Int J Environ Res Public Health PMC Article
Okazaki K, Anzawa H, Liu Z, Ota N, Kitamura H, Onodera Y, Alam MM, Matsumaru D, Suzuki T, Katsuoka F, Tadaka S, Motoike I, Watanabe M, Hayasaka K, Sakurada A, Okada Y, Yamamoto M, Suzuki T, Kinoshita K, Sekine H and Motohashi H. Enhancer remodeling promotes tumor-initiating activity in NRF2-activated non-small cell lung cancers. (2020) Nat Commun. 11, 5911 Pubmed Nat Commun PMC Article
Guo S, Li Y, Wei B, Liu W, Li R, Cheng W, Zhang X, He X, Li X and Duan C. Tim-3 deteriorates neuroinflammatory and neurocyte apoptosis after subarachnoid hemorrhage through the Nrf2/HMGB1 signaling pathway in rats. (2020) Aging (Albany NY). 12, 21161-21185 Pubmed Aging (Albany NY)
Tamatam CM, Reddy NM, Potteti HR, Ankireddy A, Noone PM, Yamamoto M, Kensler TW and Reddy SP. Preconditioning the immature lung with enhanced Nrf2 activity protects against oxidant-induced hypoalveolarization in mice. (2020) Sci Rep. 10, 19034 Pubmed Sci Rep PMC Article
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Wu Q, Ma Y, Liu Y, Wang N, Zhao X and Wen D. CB2R agonist JWH-133 attenuates chronic inflammation by restraining M1 macrophage polarization via Nrf2/HO-1 pathway in diet-induced obese mice. (2020) Life Sci. 260, 118424 Pubmed Life Sci
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Zhang T, Shi L, Li Y, Mu W, Zhang H, Li Y, Wang X, Zhao W, Qi Y and Liu L. Polysaccharides extracted from Rheum tanguticum ameliorate radiation-induced enteritis via activation of Nrf2/HO-1. (2020) J Radiat Res. Pubmed J Radiat Res
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