PRWEB reports a new study conducted by Nutri-Med Logic Corp in which they found that improper NRF2 activation within the body’s cells results in premature aging of the blood vessels called Angiogenesis. The study also highlights the improper healing of damaged vessels.. The company report that “Nrf2, also known as a physiological regulator of oxidative stress (free radical damage), plays an important part in general premature aging as well as many diseases, ranging from Arthritis to Alzheimer.” More information on Nutri-Med can be found here.

Separately, Glutathione, SOD, and Catalase are three of hundred of genes known as survival genes. Research shows that as one ages the body is less able to manufacture its own survival antioxidants. This results in aging and disease. There are ten peer reviewed studies published on for a supplement known as Protantim that is a NRF2 activator. This supplement has been show to rev up the body’s own production of NRF2 through the NRF2 Pathway, within as little as 2 weeks.


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