As a consumer of numerous vitamins and supplements over the years I would frequently start and stop consuming various supplements based on the recommendations of a Herbologist friend of mine.  I used to suffer from seasonal allergies and was constantly looking for a “cure” or at least an effective means of reducing the effects of the allergies. My mindset was that I’d give the various supplements “a try” and if they did not work, meaning stop my allergy symptoms, I would stop using them. I would finish off my 30 day supply before deciding whether to continue or relegate that “treatment” to the list of “been there done that” list of supplements.

A few years ago I was introduced to a supplement that could activate NRF2 in the body. I was educated then and have continued to receive further health updates on the benefits of NRF2 activation. Here is what I have discovered.

1. The benefits of NRF2 activation are achieved more like an exercise regimen than a painkiller.

When you take a painkiller to treat pain, you would not want it to take effect in 6 months time! It is designed to treat the pain immediately. Although NRF2 activation does begin to work within a few hours after consuming a NRF2 activation ingredient, it’s effects are more gradual and long term.

Consider someone expecting to be in shape after one visit to the gym, or even one month’s visits?  If I had followed my previous “methodology” of deciding whether supplements worked or didn’t work, I would have probably stopped using my Nrf2 activation supplement after 30 days, and missed out on the long term benefits that I have gained for being a consistent user of the product.

2. Nrf2 activation increases enzyme production gradually.

The below graph is taken from a study on a NRF2 product. It shows the gradual increase in two of the numerous enzymes that get “turned back on” after NRF2 activation. Levels of these enzymes are more favorable after 120 days than they are after 30 days.

Plasma T-bars are an indicator of oxidative stress in the cells. Oxidative stress is associated with hundreds of disease states. The below graph shows how NRF2 activation is able to reduce oxidative stress in a body over time.

3. A good NRF2 activation supplement  will reduce oxidative stress, reduce inflammation and fibrosis (scar tissue) in the body over a period of time.

We live in an “instant society” and expect results immediately. Microwave meals, drive through windows for coffee and banking, instant music and book downloads have changed our lives dramatically over the past few years. Many times we expect health results to be as instant as the examples listed above. It seems illogical, however, to expect an immediate reversal of the damage caused by many years of wear and tear on our bodies through malfunction, aging to be reversed within a few days, weeks or months.  Some people may feel improvements short term, however it is probably more the exception than the rule. Oxidative stress, inflammation and fibrosis improvements generally will take time to improve.

4. Will you “feel” the difference?

Perhaps! It all depends on a number of factors and the conditions of each person involved. However, if you do not feel a difference it doesn’t mean that your NRF2 product is not generating positive effects in the body. Compare this reasoning to whether you can feel the blood pressure and cholesterol changes in the body on a daily basis. Those are changes that largely go unnoticed. The same is true for feeling the changes to your levels of your antioxidant survival genes.

A healthy person taking the product for largely preventative reasons may not feel a noticeable change compared to someone who has been feeling the effects of a disease. Continuous consumption of a NRF2 activator each day will have more of an impact on the cells than eating a bowl of strawberries once every few months, and will probably have more chance of you noticing changes in your body. Become aware of the subtle changes occurring in the body. Some less obvious changes may be more energy, improved sleep, the strengthening of nails, the improvement in overall health and condition of your hair or darkening of hair as the catalase production increases.

In summary, expect a gradual change and improvement in your general health and wellness. The benefits may or may not be immediately noticed, but that does not mean the body is not experiencing positive results. Every body is unique and may observe different results to a friend or family member taking the same product.

This article is for educational purposes. As always, consult with a medical professional if you have any questions or need advice for your personal circumstances.

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